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Interesting facts about Top 40 Music Charts:

Popnable serves music charts from 100+ countries all over the world.

When Popnable started at July 4, 2015, all charts had been Top 50 lists.

Top 40 Music Charts rates most watched videos on YouTube every week.

Data, about the number of views, likes, and dislikes, is received by YouTube API. Once the collecting information has been completed we generate music charts.

Countries are known as "trends" because you can find charts based on a different sign. A Great example is WorldWide Top Chart - it's complex list of all others trends and has shown most viewed songs all around the world.

All music charts are aired on weekly basis. In order to be more confident, we generate daily, monthly and annually chart lists.

We follow popular music tv shows like Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest. These tv programs come with hundreds of official singles in most over 40 countries. Popnable has tracked them and launched top40 music charts as well.

All music charts have extended version itself. For example, USA Top 40 contains actually 500 chart entries.

Artists Top 40 competes all singers related to particular trend(s) and ranks them each month.

Popnable has 45K likes on Facebook and still growing. Furthermore, we promote our charts on YouTube.

Popnable has increased number of added trends, music videos and added artists in the database itself since 2015. Until now, at least 150K videos and 50K artists are available.

Biggest trend is USA, followed by India, Brazil, UK, Puerto Rico, and Poland. Most visited trends are Cuba, Serbia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Jamaica, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Iraq, and Israel.

Popnable has started generating charts on July 7 2015, and Thursday is beginning of each week. Only nine top countries had been started the website – Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Poland, and Sweden. Albania Top 40 is the oldest and first music chart on Popnable.

Every week, Popnable has calculated at least ten billion views from YouTube. We have tracked over 900 billion views, 7.1 billion likes, and 390 million dislikes.

We provide charts containing local-based (regional) music.

Online users now: 314 (members: 154, robots: 160)
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