Listen online Hebei Rural Radio
Hebei Rural Radio is well-known Chinese Radio Station.

Address: No.203 Yuhua East Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei

Phone: 0311-6043901

Hebei Radio Rural Broadcasting is the only professional broadcast channel for rural areas in our province. It uses medium wave 558 kHz and Asia-Pacific VI satellite transmission and transmission. The program composition of the rural channel is 50% of storytelling, 30% of supply and demand information, technology enrichment information, and legal consulting services, and 20% of interactive programs. It forms a program composition of "storytelling recreation, information practical, and legal closeness", which is in line with farmers. The listening habits of the listeners directly meet the actual needs of the farmers' listeners, and they enjoy a high degree of loyalty among the farmers in the province.

Radio genres: pop news talk