Financial Issues

Popnable would like to be informal and transparent with you as a visitor.

Due to the coronavirus situation, Popnable has to freeze many projects on a mode 'standby' till we find accurate funding. We know it's disappointing for you because we promised to you features and upgrades in 2020, such as Radio Popnable, WorldVision Song Contest , 5-Year Anniversary Celebration, Verifying Profiles Module, Android Application as well as AppleStore App.

You can help us! Keep reading!

The reason behind the crisis is - limited funds coming from ads placed on our website. After the world pandemic of coronavirus, the ad revenue decreased extremely (about triple times losses). As a conclusion, we cannot invest more money to announce any of the planned projects that we promised earlier in 2020.

Regarding the financial issues, we reduced our expenses and should 'say goodbye' to a few of our team members dedicated to Popnable. We won't collaborate anymore with 6 editors that worked for Popnable per hour.

Help Us With A Small Donation

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Donate between $10 - $100 to Popnable. The sum is totally up to you!

Before that, please contact us.

We want to know better our contributors and in return we'll give you a reward.


Popnable was launched in 2015 to promote regional music in 9 countries. Five years later, the media provides information for over 116 areas (trends), 300,000+ songs, 50,000+ artists worldwide.

We're stable but we need additional funds to deliver promised features like Radio Popnable, WorldVision, and many others.

General Expenses Covered
Popnable is able to cover all general expenses like storage, hosting, technical support.

This way, don't worry.