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Hello, guys.


After reviewing all of your applications to include Finland, we are ready to include on November 1 will be part of our family.


Since we want to grow, a little later we will say "Welcome" to United Kingdom & Germany.




Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, sits on a peninsula and coastal islands in the Baltic Sea, and is home to the 18th-century fortress Suomenlinna, the Seurasaari open-air museum and a neoclassical cathedral. Population: 5,489,097



World Flag beer-pong said:

31/10/2015 23:51

Finland is total surprise for me. I did not expect to see here Finland.

Seems very interesting to calculate UK videos. I think they will be good competition for India and Spain in Worldwide chart.

Bulgaria Flag STUDENT said:

02/11/2015 01:27

Me too. It's strange choice. But we haven;t any country around UK. So it's great  idea. I heard couple of songs and they are very good.

India Flag yjsiu said:

02/11/2015 01:28

I would like Pakistani? Is it posible?

Italy Flag Ruby said:

02/11/2015 01:38

JAJAJA... Lordi's country. Will be fun :)

Italy Flag flinty said:

02/11/2015 08:07

Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway... should be released too . I am very happy about the community growing.

Romania Flag 8teen said:

07/11/2015 11:30

WOW UK and GM... Very goog. I havent patiience.

Poland Flag CRAZY-HORSE said:

09/11/2015 12:41

Heavy metal country- its FINLAND. The only one!!!