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Lets talk about Eurovision 2016. All news and information about ESC share here.


Romania Flag loverty said:

27/07/2015 22:28

Italy was realistic winner. Sweden is so boring, but they have good experience and they know Eurovision follows more tourists.

Italy Flag flinty said:

28/07/2015 00:46

Apparently, Sanna Nielsen wants to host ESC 2016!! Everything that is needed is SVT to ask just her to do the job.

Brazil Flag Kabuki said:

28/07/2015 01:08

There have give chance for returning... Turkey and Bulgaria for example..

World Flag Min Cacao said:

28/07/2015 11:31

It's too early to comment Big Eurovision... stupid thread, sorry!

Bulgaria Flag STUDENT said:

28/07/2015 12:13

Sweden could suggest perfect show because they have experience and of course a lot of music to present.

Albania Flag Artem said:

28/07/2015 15:57

Do you remember this Swed hit??


Italy Flag Ander0oa said:

28/07/2015 16:28

According to ESCtoday, Monaco and Turkey won't return to ESC Not a big surprise though.

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

28/07/2015 18:23

Does not believe Bulgaria to regards someone to be part of Eurovision 2016. Just we are proud and no one wants to screw his own name,

Turkey Flag Noob said:

02/08/2015 23:17

Summer always kills every eurovision mood.

Italy Flag Vincent_85 said:

03/08/2015 00:12

The Denmark are accepting songs for their selection for Stockholm, through an online submission form. For more information DMGP.

Brazil Flag socra_s9 said:

03/08/2015 02:46

Norway – Melodi Grand Prix is looking for best song for next year. View more here:

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

03/08/2015 04:04

Switzerland have confirmed their participation and one of their broadcasters, SRF, will be accepting songs through their online submission in September.

France Flag sTomoe said:

04/08/2015 21:11

I think next year will be bad for Eurovision. A lot of countries will be out of the contest... such as Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Australia...etc