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Lets talk about Junior Eurovision 2015. All news and information about ESC share here.


Greece Flag Dimos Zagaris said:

28/07/2015 03:18

I would say Ireland is the big surprise here but you never know :)

Greece Flag dodo said:

28/07/2015 03:28

will be funny if Bulgaria won second time... and Macedonia is host next year HAHA

Spain Flag happy said:

28/07/2015 05:05

If we think about it, there was a drop in participating countries in 2005-2006 but then the highest(?) number in 2007. Then it has been dropping since before we reached 16 in 2014, which was the highest since then. So, it seems like it could follow the same pattern, so 14 is not a bad thing ::

Brazil Flag socra_s9 said:

28/07/2015 10:29

Macedonia is comming this year. At the moment it's not clear nothing more.

India Flag geeeaidan said:

28/07/2015 12:08

After the Macedonian confirmation we have 13 countries in + 4 very probable / almost sure - Serbia, Montenegro, Russia and San Marino. The question now is whether we could have more than 17 countries in the line up :) Montenegro is already on the list - which means you should edit the number of probable/almost sure to 3. If those 3 remaining countries confirm their participation for this year's edition, the number of countries would be the same as last more than 16 in that case. Besides the ones heavily rumoured, we have also countries like Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece that have expressed interest to the contest in the past plus Hungary and Germany which are said to have interest as well. Countries outside that list could be classified as a big surprise, although I think that we will have at least one big surpirse.

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

28/07/2015 16:59

Why Bulgaria is host this year. As I know Italy has won???

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

28/07/2015 18:22

Russia is in. Today Russia has confirmed their including for 2015.

Bulgaria Flag Monster said:

30/07/2015 06:23

I did not expect something interesting. Bulgaria is weak host. Nothing intersting. It's the poorest country in Europe..

Italy Flag Chandelier said:

30/07/2015 07:47

How much countries? More than 14 or least?

Poland Flag CRAZY-HORSE said:

02/08/2015 23:05

Is there any good news about JE 2015. Everything is looking too depressed...

India Flag yjsiu said:

03/08/2015 00:19

Some sad news for fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest today as the official JESC EBU Twitter feed seemingly confirmed two withdrawals for the contest in Bulgaria.Sweden (who will host the main Eurovision in 2016) and Cyprus both seem unlikely to participate in the 2015 contest, with SVT’s children programming going through restructuring and the Cypriot broadcaster CyBC lacking the funding to enter both contests.

Finland Flag Fionse Darling said:

03/08/2015 03:58

Bulgaria's host is going to be failed. Few countries rejected already ...

India Flag yjsiu said:

16/08/2015 08:00

Planet of the children has 1 milion views and Italian only 100k . Definetely, everyone knows who is the real winner. Good luck.

World Flag ADMIN said:

16/08/2015 08:10

Tommorow is first night when BG will choose :)_

Italy Flag Vincent_85 said:

16/08/2015 08:10

Sorry ! Remember there have only 1 winner and it is ITALY. !!!

Bulgaria Flag m0rmOn said:

16/08/2015 08:33

If Italy was the winner, why televot says... Bulgaria is #1 and jury vote ordered us under #4... There have not any sense. So BG was the best. Not only because I'm Bulgarian,

Russia Flag lijm123 said:

18/08/2015 13:26

Any hot news about bulgarian contest  

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

22/08/2015 12:51

Today, Ukraine will confirm their proposal. About BG, the castings are started. For videos:

World Flag toxIC said:

22/08/2015 18:47


[WINNER] JESC 2015 Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov - Volshebstvo (LIVE National Final)

World Flag ADMIN said:

09/09/2015 04:39

Gabriela Yordanova will represent Bulgaria.