Greece - Less Songs Because Of The Financial Crisis?

Category: Music | Started by: Ivana | Created at: 18/07/2015 15:04 | Seen: 213 times

Sakis Rouvas has announced his decision to take legal action after the unethical attacks launched in recent days against him, categorically denying the reports that he wants to evade!


Do you think the crisis will affect music industry in Greece?


Mexico Flag moja said:
18/07/2015 18:47

I belive it wasn't but if they have 60 euros limit for bank transfer i don't know how they will pay for music products :(

Poland Flag CRAZY-HORSE said:
19/07/2015 18:14

As you can see in the site... greek music is announced every day.

Philippines Flag Asia said:
22/07/2015 21:44

I think the crize there is just political... nothing more.

Philippines Flag Asia said:
27/07/2015 06:42

They are not in crisis anymore. They accept all financial restrictions.

Greece Flag emerald city said:
04/03/2017 07:12

greece is 50 euros per day. they strangle the economy and control the people this way... they are trying to force greec into hot spot which they do not want... greece is being run by inept corruptors... idiots.