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Hello to all fans.

We are pending of the first edition of the The Top 50 for Colombian music. You could predict who will be #1 as well.

First chart release will be happend on November 4, Wednesday


Welcome, Colombia!


Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

31/10/2015 22:42

WOW...It was time to see Colombia on big stage.

Azerbaijan Flag Ivailo said:

31/10/2015 23:23

I am pretty sure that Maluma will be #1 next week!!!


Greetings from Bulgaria :)

World Flag Jane42 said:

31/10/2015 23:24

Pefect News. We had expected Colombia too long. Next step Argentina.;..

France Flag DP75 said:

31/10/2015 23:29

Greetings from France.

Thank you for everything.

World Flag ADMIN said:

31/10/2015 23:49

Yes! Argentina is very close to first chart release. Keep in mind and calm :)

World Flag beer-pong said:

31/10/2015 23:54

I was disappointed when I saw Colombia and no close time for first chart. It had had few videos and no clear view to generate first Top 50. Now, I am very happy and preciate that suceed.

Bulgaria Flag STUDENT said:

02/11/2015 01:25

What about Puerto Rico ?

Italy Flag flinty said:

02/11/2015 08:06