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Just wanted to get your opinion on how long the maximum length of a song should be when first played on mainstream radio?? I would say 7mins maximum............


World Flag Min Cacao said:

27/07/2015 19:39

If I'm high, a song needs to be really interesting to be really long. If I'm sober, I don't really notice either way

Bulgaria Flag Alex said:

27/07/2015 20:24

It is stupid question because everyone knows that radiostations reject too long songs. They compile it ... Look at a lot of long videos by Justin Timberlake and if you see, they are cut.

Poland Flag CRAZY-HORSE said:

27/07/2015 23:17

Just Eurovion duration is perfect. Not too short, not too long. But do you see Finland song this year. It was 100 seconds and they did not qualified. Short songs are not prefered.

Turkey Flag mohammed said:

28/07/2015 04:44

Lets get attention for house sets... They are practically too long but a lot of people listen it. According me, there havent standarts or limits.

Greece Flag dodo said:

28/07/2015 07:00

Really? I could not say: i am impressed. The forum is tooo scam right now...

Romania Flag loverty said:

28/07/2015 07:36

Why you are thinking about it>>???

Italy Flag Ander0oa said:

28/07/2015 09:53

Most mainstream hits are 3-4 minutes in length, and vocals begin within the first 10 seconds. Its just standart...

Bulgaria Flag spens said:

28/07/2015 15:52

Super, unless it's a college radio station or some kind of special show or event, 7 minutes is not going to be accepted. Do I agree with it?