Missing Songs In Top 100 Daily Charts

Category: Bugs | Started by: loverty | Created at: 30/12/2018 12:09 | Seen: 34 times

Hi all! Following all big trends on Popnable, I noted few currently hits miss from today's charts. 

It is not first time when it occurs.



Romania Flag loverty said:
30/12/2018 12:34




World Flag ADMIN said:
30/12/2018 16:54

Yes, unfortunately. So many issues today.

We developed additional checks and keep watching how the bot crawls the songs.

If you see something suspicious, take us a report. 

Thank you!

World Flag ADMIN said:
31/12/2018 09:05

Hi guys,

We added a new flag. If a particular song has been suspended, we show hours spent before calculating next view data. As you know, we have so many troubleshoots yesterday.

A little example could be seen on the Bulgarian Daily Chart


The flag is visible, next to the number of views for the day.

World Flag SteveO said:
31/12/2018 16:14

Hope this night will be not a crisis. wink

France Flag sTomoe said:
31/12/2018 16:26

I think it's for this topic

When I browse in France Top 100 Songs


I noticed songs that have stacked views according to the site - just 1 hour. But they did 400k, like Kendji Girac - Tiago - #9. How do we understand this flag (about XX hours)? Or is there a mistake?

World Flag ADMIN said:
31/12/2018 17:05


It is another bug. We fixed it earlier. 

This flag will appear only if a particular song collect views for <24 hours.

In fact, if the song spent more than 24 hours, it's not allowed to appear on the chart for the day. Just the script ignore it up to the next day.