October 2019: Playlists Released!

Learn more about our new functionalities released in October 2019

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Popnable announced 'Playlists' as a feature in June. Assuming October 2019, "Playlists" Option is already available to all users. 




Spain Flag happy said:
06/10/2019 15:13

Very good

France Flag éventreur said:
06/10/2019 17:00

I'm glad to be apart of this community. Nice feature guys

Brazil Flag socra_s9 said:
08/10/2019 14:03


Best Website for Music Charts!!!

World Flag ADMIN said:
10/10/2019 18:59

Finally, Popnable publishes API Integration that could help developers to fetch data from the repository. 

For more details, visit the link: https://github.com/popnable/popnable-api

For documentation: https://github.com/popnable/popnable-api/wiki