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October 2019.

Playlist is a list of songs that could be played out subsequently (manual or automatic) without the cost of actions. It is generated by regular registered users on Popnable. 



1) You can add up to 200 songs to a playlist.

2) You can pick up songs that have already added on Popnable. If a particular song does not exist in Popnable, you have to add it as a suggestion first.



Our user-generated playlists are private by default. That means, your playlist could be accessed and viewed only by you.

Private: visible only by you. It cannot be shared.

Protected: visible by everyone that has a link to the playlist. It could be shared.

Public: visible by everyone. Listed on Playlists Menu. It could be shared.


Change Visibility:

In order to change the visibility, you have to:

- add one song to the playlist at least

- have units

Note! Each change costs units.


Create a playlist

Users could create playlists with favorite songs. Follow the instructions below to use this functionality:

Create a playlist

<Navigation Menu>:<Add Content>:<Create Playlists>



1) Pick up a title and description. Click on the "Create" button.

2) Discover songs and add them to the list.

3) Go to "My Playlists" and click on the "EDIT".


Ordering songs:

Would you like to order all the songs in a playlist?

That could be achieved with ease.  

1) Go to "My Playlists" and click on the "EDIT".

2) Drag and drop the songs.

That's all.


In case you need to order songs with one click, we provide you options that stunning:

1) Shuffle

2) Ordered by total views

3) Order by latest added on Popnable

4) Order by oldest added on Popnable


Add Songs To a Playlist

1) Go to "My Playlists" and click on the "EDIT".

2) Click on the button "ADD SONGS"


Starting At and Ending At

If you would like to listen to just a preview of the songs in the playlist, type "starting" and "ending" seconds. This will configure playing out for particular seconds of each song.

If there is no "ending" point set up, then the song will be played out from "starting" second to the end of the video. 

If there is no "staring" point set up, then the song will be played out from the beginning and will stop at the "ending" second.


Change the song manually

You can change the current played song with any other. Just navigate to the particular one and click the button "PLAY". Playing out will continue with the next one automatically.


Other Links:

My Playlists

Public Playlists



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