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In this thread, we will annotate all changes that have been applied to Popnable. 


[20/09/2019] We're deleting duplicated statistics from our database. This is a bug fix.

[01/10/2019] All Top 100 and Top 40 Charts have a playlist section where you can play out all chart entries.

[05/10/2019] Popnable collects data for all playlist's playouts. In the future, they will be shown on the site.

[06/10/2019] We've released user-generated playlists.

[10/10/2019] We've published an API.

[15/10/2019] The website crawls all songs for a quarter-hour (90% reducing time). So, we can build the next daily charts very quickly.



World Flag ADMIN said:

16/10/2019 17:34

[16/10/2019] Mod Panel Aired.

Now our moderators could use their panel, starting with an option to approve or decline youtube channels found by Popnable Bot. These channels represent artists that already have a profile on Popnable.

World Flag ADMIN said:

18/10/2019 17:40

[18/10/2019] Upcoming Videos Support.

Lately, Popnable does not proceed very well with videos settled as 'upcoming'. They couldn't be added because they're not actual videos during the time when their status is upcoming (premiere). Now we can follow these videos and once they're aired to be available on Popnable to be added as soon as possible.

World Flag ADMIN said:

18/11/2019 18:33

[18/11/2019] Estimated Earnings.

Popnable has built a functionality that shows you a forecast for how much a particular song does on YouTube in USD. You can check it out as a sub-menu on any song's page. It's titled 'Earnings'.

World Flag ADMIN said:

19/11/2019 14:13

[19/11/2019] Net Worth.

Now, you can find an estimated forecast for net worth of any artist (based on the number of views reached on YouTube). Just go to the artist's page and click on the sub-menu 'Net Worth'. Next, the interface will show you an overall forecast, and year by year.

World Flag ADMIN said:

03/12/2019 11:42

[01/12/2019] Downloads, Streams, Buy.

Great news. Popnable Bot has crawled all video descriptions on YouTube in order to parse all streaming services related to each video. This includes Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc. Check out a song with ease, Go to song page and then click on the menu 'Download'.

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17/02/2020 02:16

[15/02/2020] Ask a Question.

Now our users could ask a question regarding their favorite artists. Also, users can answer questions or insist on an answer by Popnable editorial team. The menu is public. It's titled 'Ask a question' and could be found on every artist's page.

World Flag ADMIN said:

20/02/2020 00:00

[19/02/2020] Fixed numbers.

Lately, Popnable updated the number of total views, likes and dislikes for songs and artists very tough. We've fixed and optimized the way we grab the data. In this time, the total views, likes, and dislikes will be updated daily.