Category: Bugs | Started by: spasiba | Created at: 02/08/2015 20:30 | Seen: 371 times

Hello. I noticed that most rankings that account wagering do not show correct data and charts were not complete. Sorry if you already have such a topic.


Spain Flag techey61 said:

03/08/2015 01:52

Interesting. How is posible to have 30 songs by bets and chart to have only 5 ? I'm speaking for India Top Chart...

India Flag greenday77 said:

03/08/2015 02:06

You are right. I saw the same problem?

Greece Flag jazzboGR said:

03/08/2015 03:14

Definitely and obvious they have bug. Very big one!

World Flag ADMIN said:

03/08/2015 04:59

Thank you for reporting.  We are escalated that problem and working to fix it.