Category: Questions | Started by: Anastasia | Created at: 27/07/2015 06:45 | Seen: 355 times

Guys!!! Why Ukraine has not music chart here??.


Spain Flag happy said:

28/07/2015 12:06

Because is boring country and nothing is happend as Estonia..

Ukraine Flag Anastasia said:

28/07/2015 14:04

We are expecting too long to seem it!!!

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:

28/07/2015 18:25

HAAHAAH... UA is not boring. Just a little emptyless. They have 2 songs per week.

France Flag Mrcucubaux said:

28/07/2015 18:51

Cuz there have not nessesary 50 videos in the site to be generated Top 50.

Turkey Flag Noob said:

02/08/2015 19:43

Last week is going to be good for ukrainian fans.

Italy Flag justFan said:

03/08/2015 02:25

UA has already over 50 added videos. Can we expect first UA chart?