Will See A Return For Eurovision 2016?

Category: Events | Started by: Ivana | Created at: 18/07/2015 15:00 | Seen: 262 times

Last performans was Sofi MArinova - Love Unlimited.

Bulgaria is qualified to grand final once at 2007.


Mexico Flag moja said:
18/07/2015 18:06

Russia Flag spasiba said:
18/07/2015 19:05

Most probably there will be some kind of NF very similar to the one for JESC. There are informations that BNT are already inviting singers and composers for the job. It's still not clear whether there will be an open call for singers and composers or all participants will be pre-qualified on a wildcard basis. While the performer will be selected via national selection, the song will be decided internally.

They usually send dance songs... and old sounded... Do you remember that crash:


Philippines Flag Asia said:
22/07/2015 21:43

I am not proud with K. Avramov. We are all shame... at least 5 years until then. 

I hope Desislava to present Bulgaria one day.

France Flag éventreur said:
22/07/2015 21:53

Asia, it is horrible performance. She is not good ... the song is so high. I think, Sofi was better than...

Azerbaijan Flag Pantera said:
24/07/2015 20:23

I am sure the problem was that horible song. DESS is very good singer.

Finland Flag Fionse Darling said:
27/07/2015 16:14

I hope they're really coming back. While i didn't like all their entries (especially that duo from 2007 and 2011....), 2008 and 2012 were great

Bulgaria Flag spens said:
27/07/2015 21:17

Margarita Hrnova - Yes she's old, but with a strong song she could get a decent result I think. .

Bulgaria Flag SpiritNotBurgas said:
28/07/2015 03:52

Please come back and do well.

Poland Flag CRAZY-HORSE said:
28/07/2015 06:45

As mixed duets are trendy, try one like Krassi & Sofi or similar

Turkey Flag mohammed said:
06/04/2016 22:49

Great returning Bulgaria. Very nice sound and singer. Poli Genova, 8 points.