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I'm super happy because you turned up the forum. I remember, at the beginning, it was an interesting place to comment.

Now, I have an idea and hope you will consider it:

Popnable is up since 2015. It is almost 4 years and songs still came up to the charts. Yes, I talk about a few oldies on the top 40. Is it possible to add somewhere a  marker that shows when the songs had been aired? 

Love you from Philippines! 


Spain Flag happy said:

29/12/2018 21:58

I am totally agreed!!! 

Also, what do you think about Retro Charts? How long those songs from 2015 will compete with brand new videos?

World Flag ADMIN said:

30/12/2018 16:56

Keep going with ideas.

It is possible to be aired. 

Greece Flag dodo said:

30/12/2018 19:29


Will be interesting if we can see what drop/up has been made day by day - percentage or number of views. What do you think,guys?

World Flag ADMIN said:

31/12/2018 11:37

Interesting idea @dodo. Thanks.

Keep going with the ideas, guys.