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Jordan, an Arab nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, is defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. It’s home to the famed archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital dating to around 300 B.C. Set in a narrow valley with tombs, temples and monuments carved into the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earns its nickname, the "Rose City."
Jordan Top 40 Music Charts has started at May 26, 2016 (Thu). All weekly chart releases have aired on Thursday. Popnable serves top music charts from Jordan on a daily ( Top 100 Songs), weekly (Top 40 Songs), monthly (Top 200 Songs) and yearly basis (Top 500 Songs). Since 2019, Popnable provides new charts from Jordan - Top 10 Annoying Songs and Top 20 Likeable Songs. Jordan has 373 videos (+2 brand new) , 112 artists (+1 added today) .

Top 100 Songs Today - Most Popular On Daily Basis

Han Alan
by Adham Nabulsi
Hadal Ahbek
by Issam Alnajjar
by Adham Nabulsi
Howeh El Hob
by Adham Nabulsi
Btaaref Shuur
by Adham Nabulsi
Habaytak Bel Talata
by Nedaa Shrara

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