Egor Krid & Molly debuted at the top of Russia

"Esli Ty Menia Ne Liubish" by Egor Krid & Molly led Russia Top 40 Music Chart

The official music video of "Esli Ty Menia Ne Liubish" efforts quick success in Russia Top 40.
The single has been watched more than 3.2 million times a week, although the premiere of it had been released
more than 5 months ago.

15 positions rise notes "Kogda Tay Goloden" by Ms Khovanskiy, which jumps to the 2nd position.
Olga Buzova's new video "Malo Polovin" is directly ranked third with a total of over 2.4 million views.

Last week's winner Pharaoh retreats with three positions and finished 4rd.

Another phenomenon can be seen in the top ten. Three music videos are still among the most preferred by the Russian audience, despite the fact that they are in the chart over 50 weeks.

Thus, Timati & Egor Krid even upped in the chart one position more with song "Gde Tay, Gde Ya" and so welcomed the 50th week in the chart under No7.

Two more songs, taking respectively No9 and No10, continue to receive more than a million views a week. 

Mc Doni & Natali with "Tay Takoy" already 91 weeks in the rankings, and Egor Krid with "Budilynik" - 70 weeks total.
A summary of the period - 09/06/2017 - 15/06/2017: 16 new suggestions aired and over 66.2 million views were recorded in Russia Top 40.

Tuesday, 13/06/2017 793