Bulgarian rapper Krisko with a record-breaking in Top 40

Krisko has reached a record-breaking in the chart of Bulgaria.

For 1st time bulgarian song has achieved over 2.4 million views weekly and over 500k in first day of release.

The newest and very last entry of Krisko - "Bazooka" has been launched last week and debuted as No1 in Bulgaria Top 40 immediately. 

Krisko is extremely popular artist in Bulgaria and abroad.  His songs get thousands of views for minutes and performances that he does are impressive, also fans screaming his name and expect each brand new song.

The previous record-breaking has been held by "Habibi" sung by Azis (1.7 million views) was generated in 2015. 

In fact, "Dali Tova Lubov E", the last year' song by Krisko, also noted record-breaking. The entry had been watched 1.8 million times but in second week, after the premiere.

This summer, Krisko will performs all aired suggestions at "One Love Tour". At least 6 bulgarian and macedonian artists are booked to the event - Krisko, Gery-Nikol, Upsurt, Slatkaristika, Toni Dzen, DJ Gotze. 



Friday, 16/06/2017 455