Happy Birthday To Popnable, We Turned 2

At July 4, 2015 has started international platform for music charts - Popnable.

Ironically or not, we started in 2015, just on Thanksgiving day in America - July 4.

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia.


The very first purpose of the Popnable was to popularize the songs on the Balkan Peninsula and Europe.

That's why compiling charts started with Albania and Bulgaria.

After first week, we included Estonia, Turkey, France, Sweden, Italy, Romania, Spain, Russia and Greece.

There are hundreds of charts around the world, we thought at the beggining, so we decided to show the popular songs in each country but not the world hits that are available on the radio air or in any club whenever you are. We wanted to acquaint our visitors to the country's most viewed music culture. Yes, it was very ambicious aim but not unreachable.


Trending based on popularity on YouTube

Our clean mechanism, which generates charts gives us opporunity to be trusted source of information.

We are tracking (including in this moment) billion views every day. Until 2017, we have gotten over 20,000 youtube channels which are tracked and all collected data is split and proccessed to bunches.

Once we got pure information it's time to launch music charts.

Top 40 Music Charts were Top 50

Yes! Almost 1 year and a half we delivered to our visitors Top 50 Music Charts. Then close to Popnable Media Corp experts advised us to change the numbers.

Every chart has an extended version.

Depending on the size of market, our charts possess detailed versions. Usually the charts include up to 200 chart's members.

We summarized the years and months

In 2017, we got decision to generate charts based on longer periods. Because the data that we simply owned is stored, we have an excellent perspective to present into all visitors both monthly and annual reports of the most popular music videos in each country.

Artists Top 40 changed our sights

We decided to deviate our eyes from measuring songs only. That's how the list of most popular artists came out in monthly reports.


Most grown music repository all around the world

We have got amazing experience and succeed to add over 18,000 artists, 51,000 music videos and 10,000 charts.

Amazing, right?

It's been a tough way to look like this

Our webiste's design started very dark and creepy. If you are curious how we looked like in 2015, check it out:

Music Charts in 2015


In order to compete all countries in which we provide charts, we developed WorldWide Trend.


Eurovision Glory

The coming year 2016 showed us that Eurovision is a huge trend that we couldn't ignore, and already in March we were ready to measuring the most watched songs of the biggest contest all around the world. And then we made the same for Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

New days, new features

Since 2017,  Popnable offer to all visitors flexible options for filtering. For example, everyone could easily to check which songs had been long-stayed in top 10 in charts.

Top 40 Music Charts Popnable

Search your favorite artists or videos

If you are registered user you can search and find songs and artist that you follow.


And finally, we are trustable source of objective data

All charts are based on number of views on YouTube. We use YouTube Data API to provide realistic and ensure information.

Artists all around the world shared our charts

We receive amazing feedback from worldwide artists. You may see some of social sharing in our gallery here.


Thank you :)

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