"Despacito" is most watched video on YouTube ever

The latin sensation "Despacito" reached most over 2.6 billion views for a half year

The legendary song "Despacito" which reaped an unprecedented success for a few days, and which may sound long in the nightlife, even after the summer, officially broke all possible records. The single sung by puertorican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has become the most popular and best-selling song of all time, defeating Psy's "Gangnam Style" and even "Sorry" of the teen idol Justin Bieber. The Latin song "Despacito" has been watched and played over 4 billion times only for the last six months.

"I can not believe what happened to this song, it's madness! I was sure it would be a hit, that was my goal, but I did not expect such a spectacular success. When I wrote it, I just wanted to make people smile and dance while listening. I was born in Puerto Rico and I live in Miami. The times are interesting and weird, trying to separate us and build walls between us and the world. I am proud to have written a song that brings together many different countries and cultures " said author and performer of "Despacito", Luis Fonsi.

"Despacito" was at the top of all charts in more than 45 countries worldwide, which inspires the artist's hope that he has contributed to overcoming political barriers on a global scale. The hit was released in January this year and quickly gaining popularity in South America, but when Justin Bieber accidentally heard her in a disco, he immediately wished to take apart in the English version. His version, also known as "Despacito (Remix)", played an important role in popularizing the song and turning it into a super hit.

Luis Fonsi reveals the song: "The original version of the song is entirely in Spanish, and I did it with rapper Daddy Yankee, but four months later, Justin Bieber wished to take part in English, and I think it played a decisive role in Project. For me, the beauty of her global success lies in the fact that a Latin song with a characteristic rhythm for the Spanish songs and a chorus in my native language is listened to and sung all over the world. Even in countries where our temperament and culture are alien and distant.

I have often asked myself what makes "Despacito" such a big hit. I think the reason lies in a few small, but very important factors: the melody is grabbing and easy to remember, the fact that the chorus is performed in distinct syllables (de-spa-ci-to) makes it very easy to sing and is almost impossible When you hear the rhythm of the song, do not start shaking, even if the dance is not in your blood. And when you add Justin Bieber to this, there is no way that the project will not be a hit.

I am proud of success whenever I hear "Despacito" sounding in all pubs, from the neighboring car when I stop at the traffic lights. My friends and relatives constantly send me various performances and versions of the song that makes me smile every day. I am convinced that music has the power to destroy barriers and unite people around the world. Now I'm thinking about my next songs and I'm always wondering if I'll ever make a second hit like this, even surpassing Despacito.

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