XXXtentacion falls unconscious after a violent attack during a concert

At stage, the rapper XXXtentacion was violently assaulted by a member of a rival gang!

It was not a good evening for the hip-hop artist XXXtentacion. Indeed, it has received a sharp blow from a man who was sent by the rival rapper Rob Stone.

That evening, XXXtentacion gave a concert in the city of San Diego, California. It is important to clarify because San Diego is the city from where hails his rival Rob Stone.

Obviously, the rapper Rob Stone did not appreciate that his nemesis give a concert in his city. So he sent someone to give a huge "favor" to XXXtentacion. The person ran on stage and gave a big punch in the jaw of the rapper.

After this enormous punch, rapper fell unconscious on the ground. The assailant tried to keep hitting the rapper to the ground, but the dozens of security officers rushed. The rapper was then removed from the scene by security agents.

Meantime, the newest single "Off The Wall" by XXXtentacion has been promoted 3 days ago.

Sunday, 11/06/2017 777