Indeed! Katy Perry loves Taylor Swift!

Katy Perry talked about Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and others.

From her personal Big Brother (Twitter), designed to launch the new album 'Witness', also the rumours came of Katy Perry declarations of love for Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

That there was irony or not, it should be recorded that the pop star during straight from her home, which was launched at the release of his new solo disc, reveal startling statements for the fans, for example, by praising some of its historic rivals.

Interacting with fans via Twitter, when she was asked what she thought of other pop stars, Katy was effusive in praise and sent a series of "I love you" virtual to some of them.

Among these were Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. As we know, there had a rumors about  Taylor Swift, given that for about 3 years. According that, both stars do not talk each other and have triggered some sort of feud, born to a question relating to an alleged tour boycott Swift by Perry because of a series of dancers in common between their two shows.

The issue resurfaced with the release of the single Swish swish, alleged Perry's response to the Swift Bad Blood, and the catalog of the release of the singer in 1989 on streaming platforms on the same date of output Witness. A way to end the battle once and for all or to feed it again by having to talk about it yet?

Sunday, 11/06/2017 411