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"Oporadhi" sung by Arman Alif is most watched music video of the week from Bangladesh. The chart measures most popular videos for the period of 12 July, 2019 - 18 July, 2019.

20.1M [chart views]

16 [new entries]

192.6K [total likes]

13.4K [total dislikes]

Austria Ben Zucker

Ben Zucker is a popular artist from Austria. The artist has 7 videos on Popnable. Ben Zucker has reached 48.6M views, 170.1K likes and 9.8K dislikes as total.

2.4M [total views]

+1 [positions change]

South Korea Ben

Ben is a popular artist from South Korea. The artist has 10 videos on Popnable. Ben has reached 19.5M views, 137.5K likes and 3.1K dislikes as total.

303.7K [total views]

-2 [positions change]