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"Bidadari Surga" sung by Syakir Daulay is most popular music video of the week from Indonesia. The chart measures most popular songs for the period of 22 May, 2020 - 28 May, 2020.

58.3M [chart views]

34 [new entries]

973.6K [total likes]

30.8K [total dislikes]

"El Amante" is a music video from Puerto Rico. The entry has 324 chart's achieves on Popnable. "El Amante" has reached 1.3B views, 3.5M likes and 330.1K dislikes as total.

1.5M [total impressions this week]

-5 [positions change]

"Recordando A Manuel" is a music video from Mexico. The entry has 235 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Recordando A Manuel" has reached 319.4M views, 731.7K likes and 68.5K dislikes as total.

179.2K [total impressions this week]

-483 [positions change]

"Hostel Sharry Mann" is a music video from India. The entry has 153 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Hostel Sharry Mann" has reached 155.7M views, 770.1K likes and 62.3K dislikes as total.

675K [total impressions this week]

-465 [positions change]

"Mandella É Meu Nome" is a music video from Brazil. The entry has 51 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Mandella É Meu Nome" has reached 96.3M views, 959.4K likes and 33K dislikes as total.

330.1K [total impressions this week]

-8 [positions change]

"El Amante Remix" is a music video from Puerto Rico. The entry has 68 chart's achieves on Popnable. "El Amante Remix" has reached 80M views, 554.7K likes and 21.4K dislikes as total.

91.2K [total impressions this week]

+6 [positions change]

"Hopeless Romantic" is a music video from USA. The entry has 58 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Hopeless Romantic" has reached 76.9M views, 669.7K likes and 18.4K dislikes as total.

611.6K [total impressions this week]

-38 [positions change]

"Satellite (Germany 2010)" is a music video from Eurovision. The entry has 212 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Satellite (Germany 2010)" has reached 63.7M views, 262.7K likes and 38K dislikes as total.

92.9K [total impressions this week]

-15 [positions change]

"Mandelinha" is a music video from Brazil. The entry has 46 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Mandelinha" has reached 35.7M views, 515.5K likes and 22.1K dislikes as total.

355.5K [total impressions this week]

-66 [positions change]

"Nghamet El Herman" is a music video from Egypt. The entry has 156 chart's achieves on Popnable. "Nghamet El Herman" has reached 34.4M views, 166.7K likes and 12.5K dislikes as total.

52.9K [total impressions this week]

-3 [positions change]