Nella, a venezuelan star raising in the diaspora

Born and raised in the Venezuelan island known as Margarita, Nella Rojas better known as Nella, decided to pursue her dream to make music at the age of 19 when she moved to Boston, USA.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music where she dazzled as a soloist.

Her music is an avant-garde and rooted encounter between the folklore of her land, the sounds of her time and above all, the influence of Andalusian music. It is especially, a handful of songs performed with the soul.

The first song with which her name began to make noise on social media, was a cover uploaded to YouTube of "La Negra Atilia". A Venezuelan ‘merengue’ written by the famous and very honorable composer, César Miguel Rondón.

The Spanish composer, producer and guitarist Javier Limón; enchanted by the talent and energy she transmitted, decides to join her producing her musical projects and even playing their songs alongside her on live performances.

Her first single “Me llaman Nella” and the music video were released on February 26th of 2018. The song talks about who she is, where she comes from and how she perceives herself in front of others.

The singer’s first appearance in a movie was on “Todos Lo Saben” or “Everybody Knows”. The movie was filmed in Spain with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Ricardo Darín as main characters. The movie was made by the amazing and Oscar winner director Asghar Farhadi, from Iran. Nella plays the character of the singer in a wedding scene and the song she performs “Se Muere Por Volver”, written by Javier Limón, is the official song of the film.

After having this amazing opportunity a million doors opened for Nella, she has been invited to Cannes Festival and several recognized events in Spain and other countries to promote her music and show us what a beautiful the great soul she has.

Due to the crisis in Venezuela nowadays, and the light that is starting to shine, she writes the song “Volveré A Mi Tierra” in support of all of her countrymates, that talks about how all the Venezuelans that have left the country to search for a better future, wish to go back home, including her. The music video was made with the help of her friends in different parts of the world singing the song, where artists like Dayana Mendoza, Angela Ruiz, Ana María Simon and the very same Javier Limón has a small scene.

In March 22nd Nella released her new single “Voy” and the music video, in which she appears as the woman and the man in a couple of dancing scene, with a black and white filter to it that gives it a 50’s decade style. The song lyric talks about a breakup and how changing your life to singleness makes you feel.

Until now she has shown us what she is capable of and what she wants to deliver to the world with her charisma and sweetness. She has said in several interviews “I want to bring my music everywhere” and sure she is, delighting all of us with her wonderful unique voice. We wish all the success to Nella and hope she keeps praising her roots around the world.


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