Happy birthday to us, Popnable

Popnable is celebrating its 4th birthday and is relaunching its website as part of its digital media presence.

Popnable launched music charts all over the world, an English language website 4 years ago and since then has expanded its media business by launching 115 trends. 

11 brand new trends in last 12 months

Since 4th July 2019, we've started serving charts in eleven countries - Afganistan, Chile, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Peru, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Cameroon, Senegal, Myanmar, and Tunisia.  

Also, we built a few trends that combine data about a group of countries, such as Latin Top (Brazil, Colombia, etc), Arab World (Lebanon, Egypt, etc), and English Music (USA, Canada, UK, etc).


We reached a trillion views

Popnable Bot processed one trillion views a week before our 4th birthday. That means we own data for one trillion video views produced on YouTube. Every month, we grab data about 60 billion views from 100+ countries, generating 500 weekly charts, 300 monthly charts, and 4000 daily charts. Yes, we do this absolutely automatically. No mistakes, no missing data. 121,5% more visitors discovered Popnable comparing the period between July 2017-July 2018. 14% of our users come from the USA, 7% from Iraq, 5% from Germany, 4% from Iran. The UK closes the top 5. 65% of the daily traffic come worldwide.

Popnable contains a database for 48 000 artists, 195 000 music videos.  


Our social media explode

Popnable started a youtube channel where uploads video chart previews. "Top 40 Music Charts", the channel, has grown for a year, reaching 6000 subscribers, a million video views, and 40 million playlist views. We gain thousands of new subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, and VK. During the year, we created our LinkedIn Profile.


Collaborations with other brands

In July 2018, we start collaborations with decent media all around the world. We would like to share with you our significant relationships during the year:

In March 2019, we begin work with Ramania Music Forum. It's a popular Bulgarian forum that supports Popnable. 

Earlier, together with PlaySongsTV provide our charts as exclusive playlists.

We launch a private API for partners, which allows us to give access to our charts. Some of the brands that use the interface are MexicanTop40, UkTop40, etc. They're all part of the International Music&Co Company

Lastly, we make a campaign in Pitch-Stories Media Group where you can make money online with writing a story.


Writing a story is the key

While we're on the point, since 2019, our visitors can suggest music stories (articles).  New functionality aired as well as add/remove videos and artists. Our forum has been recovered after years offline. 


What's next ~ 2019-2020?

Top 10 Likeable Charts

Retro Top 50 Charts

Filtering Videos by Type (Live, Cover, Retro, etc)

...and many more...


So, Happy Birthday To Us.


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