10 Russian Singers Who Reaches The Fame But Cannot Sing

Russian stage is full of various characters, but, unfortunately, not every one of them can sing. And if Kirkorov, Baskov, Pugacheva or Bilan, who are often vilified for what they are worth, have a musical education, then many can not even boast of the abi

We decided to make a special selection of the most voiceless representatives of the domestic show business – you need to know your characters in person.

Maksim (Макsим)

On the 10th place was placed Maksim-in the world Marina Maksimova. It should be emphasized here that she is not the worst performer in Russia. She has a recognizable style, she writes songs for herself that later become hits, and people of different ages love her. However, as a vocalist, Marina is weak. A very quiet "meowing" voice and a narrow range will never allow her to sing a really strong song.


Egor Krid (Егор Крид)

There is a suspicion that Krid was not always voiceless. Once he even entered the Gnesin music school (as the same have it there!), but lasted only a year. Perhaps if he had tried harder, he would have turned out to be quite a decent singer. Egor himself, to his credit, does not pretend to be anything serious. He admits that he can fake it on stage, but urges listeners not to dwell on it. "It doesn't matter how you sang – the main thing is how you passed," the star says.

Yulia Kovalchuk (Юлия Ковальчук )

Alas, Yulia clearly belongs to people who are deprived of singing abilities. She has a completely colorless voice – so everyone can sing. Anti-fans and critics wonder how she even managed to get on the stage. Nevertheless, the ex-soloist of "Brilliant" calmly performs, gathers halls and bathes in the rays of glory.

Timati (Тимати)

Like Egor Krid, Timati never positioned himself as a professional singer. He is a rapper, and rappers, they say, do not need musical skills. However, Timur apparently does not know that rappers need at least a developed dyhalka and superarticulation to pronounce the text quickly and clearly. Neither the contractor does not possess. And that's why he doesn't rap, but rather tells words to music.

Anna Semyonovich (Анна Семенович)

Do you know what the joke is? Despite the fact that Semyonovich is a de jure singer, de facto we do not know any of her songs. She's more of a showwoman, known for her revealing outfits, lovers and scandals. Well, what we once heard in "Brilliant" is not even a vocal.

Linda (Линда)

As sad as it was to admit it, Linda always had a very weak voice. And, most likely, she will not be able to do anything with it – this is a natural given. Nevertheless, the language does not turn to call it mediocrity. Her work has always stood apart from the rest of pop music – it was clearly designed for decades, not for a single season. Which is exactly what happened. Linda is still remembered and loved wherever she is.

Glukoza (Глюкоза)

Glyukoza, aka Natasha Ionova, became known at the beginning of the "zero" as a cartoon girl with a computer voice. When the image lost its relevance and Natasha appeared before us without embellishment, it turned out that she sings lousy. Lousy, but not enough to make it into the top three.


Vera Brezhneva (Вера Брежнева)

Many guessed that the vocal data of the star of "Viagra" is mediocre. But eyewitnesses say that Brezhnev is not something to sing – she can't even whisper without falsehood. This is not surprising. Her work is the consumer goods of the lowest order. There's no need for a voice here. For this, she actually gets the 3rd place in our Top.


Olga Buzova (Ольга Бузова)

Buzova is legendary. It has already become a symbol of durnovkusiya, lack of talent and cheap pop for three kopecks. Needless to say, her vocal data is just above zero Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, despite all the shortcomings, I put Olya on the 2nd place. She has a stronger competitor in this battle.


Julia Samoilova (Юлия Самойлова)

And the gold gets ... who would you think? Of course, Yulia Samoilova is a participant of Eurovision-2018, who will always be remembered by the audience as the lady of the mountain, who is not able to hit a single note. Unfortunately, there is an objective reason that Julia can't sing. The girl was diagnosed with a rare spinal muscular atrophy from infancy. Because of her illness, it is even difficult for her to talk – not like giving out vocal melismas. Therefore, we will not be sarcastic, but rather with personal health.



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