The Brit Awards 2020 has revealed in London

In London, at the O2 Arena, the winners of the most prestigious British music award, the Brit Awards 2020, were announced. Who became the best and what this event was remembered for — read the story below.

Rapper Stormzy picked up the top award in the Best British solo artist category for the second time.

Watch Stormzy's Live Performance From London.


Pop singer Mabel received the same award, only as a performer.

Her debut album High expectations immediately reached the top position on the UK Albums Chart, and later reached the Billboard 200.

Watch Mabel Live Performance From The Brit Awards 2020


Singer Lewis Capaldi was the only one to pick up two statuettes: in the categories "Best composition" and "Best British new artist".

On stage at the O2 Arena, he performed his hit "Someone you loved".

After its release in November 2018, the track topped the UK and US music charts.


Rapper Dave won the Best British album award.

His album Psychodrama, released in March 2019, topped the UK Albums Chart.


Winner of five Grammy awards, Billie Ailish was chosen "Best foreign singer".

At the ceremony, she performed "No time to die", recorded for the new James bond film, live for the first time.


Foals were named the" best British band".

For rockers, this is the first award at the Brit Awards. According to frontman Yannis Filippakis, the musicians did not expect to become winners.

Still, Foals managed to get ahead of Coldplay, Bastille, Bring Me the Horizon and D-Block Europe, which were also among the nominees.


Despite the fact that Lizzie did not receive the award as "Best foreign singer", she put on a dynamic show.

The singer presented a mix of four of her hits: 'Cuz I love you', 'Truth hurts', 'Good as hell' and 'Juice'.


Singer Harry Styles performed the heartfelt song Falling while ankle-deep in water.

His performance was also remembered for his unusual costume: lace overalls and gloves, a string of pearls around his neck.


At the end of the evening, three of the five members of the legendary British rock band The Faces took the stage. Rod Stewart joked: "the Brit Awards maybe 40 years old, but we've been together for 50 years." They performed the 60s hit Stay with me.


There was also something to see on the red carpet.

So, British TV and radio host Maya JAMA seems to have specially come in a long velvet dress with a deep neckline to annoy her former young man rapper Stromzy.

The couple dated for four years and split in August 2019. The musician even dedicated the track Lessons to her. In it, he publicly apologizes to Maya for disrespecting her and regrets their breakup.


One of the most sought-after models in the UK, Abby Clancy came in an extremely short dress with side slits on the sides.

Apparently, she also wanted to annoy someone or brag about something.


The star of the social network TikTok and singer Ashnikko became the main star on the red carpet.

A futuristic outfit of blue velvet trousers and a semi-transparent a swimsuit was created especially for her by designer Wesley Berryman.

The image was supplemented by two "bodyguards" in white suits. They held long Ashnikko tails.


Singer Ellie Golding, who has twice won the Brit Awards, surprised with the choice of outfit.

A dress made of lace patches resembling stained-glass Windows by Koché looked strange.


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