Coronavirus Could Affect Eurovision 2020

Contest organizers will take “alternative measures” if the virus situation worsens. Eurovision 2020 could be canceled due to coronavirus.

On March 11, the World Health Organization announced a pandemic for the new coronavirus, as residents in 114 countries on all continents are infected. We clarify that earlier WHO called the outbreak of the virus an epidemic.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, there is a tendency to transfer and even cancel mass events. So, the annual Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Rotterdam from May 12 to 16, may not take place.

Philip Kirkorov told the PRO-News correspondent in an interview that the organizers can arrange a contest in the format of TV shows.

    “Everything is closed, all shows, entertainment events. Somehow, all this, unfortunately, goes to the brink of risk. I hope this does not happen, but even if Eurovision is held, it will happen behind closed doors, like a TV show, without the participation of the audience. This, of course, will lose the very idea of ​​Eurovision, but health is above all. "


Note that the show in Rotterdam is planned for the presence of 16 thousand spectators. Earlier, in some countries of Europe, banned the holding of events at which more than a thousand people gather. So, Madonna had to cancel the final concerts of the MadamX tour in Paris.

In addition, the organizers of the California Coachella moved the festival from April to October, the premiere of the James Bond film “Not Time to Die” was postponed until the fall, and the annual St. Petersburg Economic Forum, which is traditionally held in June, was canceled altogether.

So, according to experts, now Victoria, the singer from Bulgaria, has the most chances to won the contest. She recently introduced a YouTube video for the track Tears getting sober.
The Icelandic group Gagnamagnið came in second. Third place - the pop group from Lithuania The Roop.


Commenting on RTV SLO’s general response to the impact of the coronavirus, Gorščak mentioned the EBU’s plan B for Eurovision. It would be used if it becomes impossible to host the show entirely in Rotterdam. Gorščak explained:

“At the EBU, they are preparing as if Eurovision will still be held. I am personally in touch with management who has a Plan B, which suggests that we [national broadcasters] will become more involved. In Slovenia, this is supposed to be in the studio. If this scenario were to be fulfilled, each member would play their recording of the performance, then probably someone [hosting in Rotterdam] would link it. That’s what they’re thinking. They are still discussing everything, but in principle, they are still acting as if Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam.”



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