Welcome, Singapore!

We announce that Singapore is the newest trend on Popnable since 13 April 2020.

Welcome to Singapore!

Popnable has announced a new trend - Singapore (Popnable SG). Thanks to site users, the trend is now available to all site visitors.

Although Singapore has a population of fewer than 6 million people, we have received a number of inquiries in recent years as to why there is no trend, to show the most popular songs and artists in the area.

On April 14, Singapore's first daily ranking was published. We are reminded that for this to happen it is necessary Popnable collects at least 100 songs from the country in the database itself. This condition was surpassed on April 13, when the trend itself was officially added to the platform.

The first song to reach the top 100 in the Top 100 Singapore is Fariz Jabba's "Kalah", ft. Omar Kenobi.


Singapore's Top 40 weekly charts will be generated every Thursday, with the first of its kind expected on April 16. Traditionally, visitors to Popnable can expect both daily upvoting/downvoting (annoying) charts and monthly song and artist charts.


Due to many inquiries, if you do not find your country in Popnable, tell us about the music market in Popnable and help us. You can email us at support@popnable.com to learn about the necessary conditions for a territory to be added to the site.


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