"Kusay" reaches the top of Bulgaria for 2nd time

Bulgaria Top 40 is absolutely surprising this week.

The 17-year-old Tita, who started her career from X-Factor and then signed a music contract with the biggest Bulgarian music star, Krisko, again reached the top of Bulgaria's Top 40 ranking.
The song "Kusay" received the greatest results during the week, registering over a million views. This is the third total week for the single in the chart and a second victory as well. Last week's winner, Dzena's "Koya", which had been announced as composed by herself it turns out the cover of a well-known Armenian song, has finished second.
The best ranking of the new suggestions is given to Yanitsa. Her new song "Fuklata", which ranks 4th after it debuted last week in the chart under No18.
Atanas Kolev, who closes the top five, reaches the strongest rise. After all his previous songs were deleted from YouTube of his former music producer, Maria Ilieva. Atanas now scores 20 points up and came No5.
14 new suggestions and nearly 26 million views a week were reported in Bulgaria Top 4o.


/ Popnable Media