Top 10 Famous Thai Songs In 2020

In this article, we list the most popular songs from Thailand in 2020. Explore the most popular music videos from Thailand. These entries are the most famous Thai songs in 2020.

The best Thai music. The Popular Thai top songs. The Famous Thai songs 2020 - 2021.

"Magic Rope"

sung by: Labanoon

Net Worth: $400.4K


"Kham Phang"

sung by: Zak Chumpae

Net Worth: $395.9K


"Khong Kong"

sung by: Kong Huayrai

Net Worth: $364.9K


"If You Have To Choose"

sung by: Illslick

Net Worth: $313.5K


"Lost Way"

sung by: Labanoon

Net Worth: $313.3K


"Injury Time"

sung by: Boy Panomprai

Net Worth: $309.2K


"The Word 'love Each Other'"

The Word 'love Each Other' - Most Popular Songs from Thailand

sung by: Monkaen Kaenkoon

Net Worth: $305.1K



Aun - Most Popular Songs from Thailand

sung by: Feeble Heart

Net Worth: $303.5K


"I Don't Have"

I Don't Have - Most Popular Songs from Thailand

sung by: T_T

Net Worth: $301.2K



Slender - Most Popular Songs from Thailand

sung by: Lamyai Haithongkham

Net Worth: $297.3K


"Hug, Kiss, Petting"

Hug, Kiss, Petting - Most Popular Songs from Thailand

sung by: Tmg

Net Worth: $296.8K


# Song Net Worth
1 Magic Rope $400.4K
2 Kham Phang $395.9K
3 Khong Kong $364.9K
4 If You Have To Choose $313.5K
5 Lost Way $313.3K
6 Injury Time $309.2K
7 The Word 'love Each Other' $305.1K
8 Aun $303.5K
9 I Don't Have $301.2K
10 Slender $297.3K
11 Hug, Kiss, Petting $296.8K
12 A Step Back $273.6K
13 Love Me Like You $265.8K
14 Former Spoiler $253.1K
15 Dlk $247.9K
16 I Still Love You $246.9K
17 Charming People $244K
18 Reversing Words $242.8K
19 City Center $242.2K
20 Sita, Tell Him. $227.8K
21 Into The Woods $206.7K
22 Are You Okay? $203.4K
23 Leave It On The Way $201K
24 Things $200.3K
25 No People Needed $181.3K
26 Can't Eat $179.7K
27 7 Minutes $170.3K
28 Aside From My Name $169.1K
29 I Got $166.4K
30 Thepwut Jai Dog $165.1K
31 Touch The Deadly Voice $152.8K
32 Sima Hakyang Now $123.7K
33 Away $115.3K
34 Poor Wedding $97.8K
35 Ai Keng Ka Do $87.4K
36 Puppy Love $78.7K
37 Can I Love You $74.5K
38 Jai Sipha $66K
39 Release $65.9K
40 Take A Break $59.2K
41 Crash $58.9K
42 How To Terminate $55.2K
43 Same Page? $53.2K
44 Pink Literature $45.5K
45 Is It Raining $43.7K
46 A Rocket To The Moon $43.4K
47 Without $42.6K
48 Try $35.9K
49 Dark Knight $35.8K
50 Wind $35.7K
51 Ai Keng Ka Do $34.7K
52 How Are You? $34.1K
53 Secretly $33.3K
54 Tawan Tawan $31.5K
55 Do You $31.2K
56 Dance In Dong Chaba $30.8K
57 Ror T Mt $28K
58 Dream About Your Ex $26.1K
59 It's Better Than $25.6K
60 If Coincidence $25.5K
61 Lovely $25.4K
62 How Much Is Kao Sao? $23.9K
63 Or I Thought It Myself $23.1K
64 She Said I'm Not Good $23.1K
65 Anyway, Go $22.3K
66 Usually $22.1K
67 If Coincidentally $21.5K
68 Silhouette $20.8K
69 Sudpang $20.7K
70 Slipped Your Mind $20.4K
71 Plain $20.1K
72 Is It Raining? $19.9K
73 Alcohol Depression $18.8K
74 Hat Thit $18.8K
75 Spanish Mafia $18.5K
76 Same Page? $18.4K
77 Smile $17.5K
78 The Notebook $17.3K
79 Say Goodbye $17.2K
80 Love To Die $16.1K
81 Dead $15.3K
82 The Closer, The Less Unknown $14.7K
83 Hello Mama $14.4K
84 Don't Go Anywhere Again $14.2K
85 Baby Song $14K
86 Heart Ordered Love $13.8K
87 Cold Light $13.1K
88 How Long Can Someone Secretly Love Someone $12.9K
89 So-Forget $12.8K
90 The Last Day $12.3K
91 If I Was You $11.6K
92 Siding Yourself (Again) $11.6K
93 Badboy $11.2K
94 How Not To Leave You $11.2K
95 Jintara Poonlar Vs Uncle Phon $11.1K
96 Still Together $10.6K
97 Bedtime Tonight $10.5K
98 Untold $10.2K
99 Happy Wife Happy Life $9.6K
100 Racks $9.5K

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