How Manu WorldStar is shaping the South African Hip Hop Scene

In the current music scene, hip hop has increasingly grown in demand over the last two decades.

In the current music scene, hip hop has increasingly grown in demand over the last two decades. With the USA being the main country responsible for producing and launching hip hop artists and influencing the scene, one may wonder if any space if left for non-Americans especially in countries such as South Africa.


This is where Manu WorldStar enters the scene and is taking over not only South Africa but gradually the world.

Born in South Africa to Congolese parents, the 23-year-old Emmanuel Mutendji is breaking into the charts not only in his native country but also in the United Kingdom, Botswana, and Nigeria.

His secret to success? Incorporating elements of hip hop to Afro-pop and classic pop resulting in lyrics and beats that can appeal to a vast array of fans. In fact, the artist defines his music as “Afrofusion”.


Currently, his single “Nalingi” is peaking in music charts all over the world and has over one million streams in popular music platforms such as Spotify and Youtube. The track is an ode to the beauty and charm of African women and uses traditional prints and graphics to celebrate the African pride of the artist.

Who does Manu WorldStar credit the most for his success? God of course! In many interviews, the hip hop artists has mentioned multiple times that he is inspired by his spirituality and beliefs when penning down his lyrics and melodies and credits his faith for rendering his hits, namely “Nalingi” and “Future Plan”, highly relatable tracks that every individual can listen and relate to on a certain personal level. Moreover, Manu also likes to credit the graphics and artistry he and his team use for the videos that render them visually appealable.




Manu WorldStar is a hardworking young man and we wish him the very best in his musical career path!


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