Top 6 Best Songs to Get You Ready for a First Date

Dating platforms are a fantastic way of getting introduced to prospective partners.


From the comfort of home, or wherever you happen to be accessing the app version, you can get acquainted with like-minded individuals quickly and conveniently. After kindling those all-important sparks of chemistry, there’s every likelihood you might find yourself agreeing to meet up with someone for your first date in a remarkably short period. The best way to get pumped up for this occasion? Choose an appropriately buzzing musical backdrop, a playlist to get the adrenaline flowing. Dating review service beyondthecharter has asked their users and they have come up with a top-six of most recommended songs.


Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)

Franz Ferdinand was one of the bands who erupted on the scene in the wake of the Nineties garage rock revolution. Spearheaded by the likes of The Strokes from New York, The Vines from Australia, and the Hives from Sweden, guitars became cool again, and this Glasgow quartet melded swaggering funky chords with pop sensibilities. ‘Take Me Out,’ the second single from their eponymous debut album, is so infectious it should be quarantined. After a potent intro, it breaks down into a funktastic central rhythm perfect for psyching you up for your big night out.


Space and Time (Wolf Alice)

This London-based indie band are oozing with songwriting talent and attitude. Their glorious blend of punchy alt-rock and catchy melodies has seen them awarded Grammys and a Mercury prize, not to mention a place on the soundtrack for the trailers of the massive cult movie T2 Trainspotting. Another sweeping anthem, crank this full-throttle track up until the speakers are buzzing, and any pre-first date nerves will be obliterated by Ellie Rowsell’s emphatic voice.


Love’s Not Enough (The Mysterines)

Another female-fronted English rock band, The Mysterines hail from Liverpool. Once the center of the pop universe, when its local river spawned Merseybeat, the nickname for a wave of world-famous bands - notably The Beatles - The Mysterines have soaked up all that musical heritage, adding a twist of modern psychedelia. ‘Love’s Not Enough’ exemplifies the way they fuse crunchy guitars with vocalist Lia Metcalfe’s effortlessly soulful voice. The chorus will have you spinning around the room while you prepare for your date.


Respect (Aretha Franklin)


Although it was originally released by Otis Redding in 1965, two years later this potent soul song became the signature song for Aretha Franklin. The latter version is far more strident, the sound of a powerful, confident woman demanding to be taken seriously. Again, the sentiments will have your blood pumping, and as the backing singers emote the refrain, “Sock it to me, sock it to me,” you’ll have no possible option other than to join in, pumping the air in unison.


Hey Ya (Outkast)

Georgian Hip-hop duo Outkast (André ‘3000’ and Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton) released this single from their fifth album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in October 2003. It was an instant commercial success, reaching the number one spot in the USA, Canada, Sweden, and Norway. Combining soul, funk, and pop, André has stated his original influences in writing the melody were English rock bands like Buzzcocks and The Smiths, not to mention fellow Americans The Ramones. Toe-tapping would be an understatement!


Our Velocity (Maximo Park)

English post-punk band Maximo Park was formed in 2000, their first and second albums going gold in the UK, while debuting LP A Certain Trigger received a Mercury Prize. This single is taken from their second album, receiving universal acclaim and appearing in soundtracks. Its heartfelt melodies and dynamic chorus would also form the ideal soundtrack to your date preparation.




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