Top 3 of the most bearded women in the music

Maybe you do not know that before Conchita Wurst there were bearded ladies.

Welcome to the kingdom of expressions. You've probably heard of Conchita Wurst who won the Eurovision in 2014 and you're even more likely to know that behind her beard is the Austrian Thomas "Tom" Neuwirth. Actually, he belongs to the best-known as drag queens.

Only 15 years earlier a man with a beard was born in a Balkan state. Pardon! He's a drag queen - he's dressed like a lady, and he's acting like that. He also has a modest experience with Eurovision in 2006. He is Azis. He is Bulgarian, with gypsy origin. Extremely popular among the Balkan peoples, Russia and Azerbaijan.

In 2012, although for a single role, another Bulgarian singer stick up a beard. The difference is that she is not he. Antonina adds her beard to tell the audience that she can be successful with things known as 'man business'. She remains popular with other teas to transsexuals - her song "Da ne se oburkame" ironizes mixing up both genders and polarity of choice of sexual orientation.



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