Philippines wins Worldvision 2020. Congrats, Sarah Geronimo!

The Philippines is the big winner in the first edition of the Worldvision 2020 music contest.


Sarah Geronimo won with the song "Tala", released in 2016 and has since been viewed over 166 million times on YouTube. The song continues to rank in the top 10 of the most popular Filipino songs in 2021.


Italy lost the battle for victory to the Philippines. Sarah Geronimo received the most points from the final stage of the competition and thus defeated Lithuania, which led by points in the first 13 rounds.


For more than three months, 118 countries competed to win the competition for best song.


After the last round, Lithuania fell critically behind the Philippines and Italy and finished below №3 with 213 points.


The small country of Luxembourg registered a surprising ranking. They finished fourth in the final round.


The Swedish song remained fifth, and the sixth is the Asian country - Mongolia.


Latvia, Uganda and Puerto Rico could not change their rankings in the last week of the competition. Accordingly, they repeated their results from the previous 13 rounds.


What happens after 10th place?

The song that received the lowest support was Ethiopia. That's why it finished last - in 118th place. Georgia is in a higher position.


A curious fact is that voters have preferred more unpopular songs and countries. The ranking of large countries remains low. Britain finished 110th and Russia 105th.


Asia gains two places from the Top 10 (Philippines and Mongolia). Europe traditionally steals great achievements and gets 6 places in the prestigious top 10. Africa and North America get 1 position in the top 10.


False voices

In the last round, false votes were reported for almost all countries. Thus, about 5,000 invalid votes from round 14 were detected and deleted. After being cleared, Italy lost about 6,000 points, the Philippines about 4,500, and Luxembourg about 400 points.


How did the competition perform statistically?

Over 3.5 million points were left by the users of the site. Or turned into unique users - over 80.6 thousand unique users voted.


The competition arouses the greatest interest in the first, eighth, thirteenth and in the last - fourteenth round.


The rating of the competition remains around 1.53% for the period September - January.


The sixth, seventh and tenth rounds aroused the least interest, respectively during the weeks in question on average about 0.62% of the total visits to the site voted.

The pages related to Worldvision 2020 were visited by over 100 thousand people for the period in which the competition took place.


The final of the competition caused a furor and became the fifth most popular page on the site. For reference: for the entire period of the competition it ranks 34th in terms of attendance.


Next edition


Popnable is considering changes to the contest. Based on the above data, it will most likely be held instead of 15 weeks, at most for 10. In addition, at least 2 editions will be held each year. The first will rely on songs from the last calendar year, and the second will allow older songs.


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