Paloma Mami Makes Her Debut In The Recording Industry With The Album “Sueños De Dalí”

Paloma Mami, an American artist of Chilean origin, releases "Sueños de Dalí", her first album.

The Chilean-born American artist, whose real name is Paloma Rocío Castillo Astorga, launches her first production and also ventures into fashion with the Spanish brand Bershka.


The Chilean-American artist Paloma Mami describes the release this Friday of her first album, Sueños de Dalí , and her debut in fashion as the "birth" of her first child and acknowledged to Efe that she is so "nervous to see how are they doing "like any new mother.

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It is not for less. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter assures that the eleven songs on the album are "parts" of herself: "In all of them I participated in the composition, in all I got involved in production decisions, in the mixes, in the videos.


Although composers and singers tend to reject having a favorite song among those of their authorship, Paloma Rocío Castillo Astorga, her first name, opts for Que Wea as the one that most represents her on the album.

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"It's the one with the most new elements, like from another planet," he explained, using a phrase that he says he hopes will define his music in general. And it is that Paloma Mami is hungry to innovate, to try what has never been done before.


Another kind of tradition that Paloma Mami broke "very consciously" is to include collaborations on her album.


”I know that many artists include others in their songs to extend their audience, or to support themselves. They told me many times that it was the best, since this is my first album, but I wanted to show them and show myself that I can stand out with my own talent. The collaborations will come with the remixes ”, he indicated.


It was precisely this attitude that caught the attention of record executives who discovered her on social media in 2018, when her bilingual song Not Steady went viral .


In addition, it is what he has captured in his first formal foray into fashion, through a collection that he has taken together with the Spanish brand Bershka, part of the Inditex group, which also includes Zara.

Paloma Mami explained that her designs reflect three states of mind and are a "study in contrasts", like all her art.

Paloma Mami

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