Vianney Comes Out Of Silence

Coach of "The Voice" for several weeks, Vianney, who broke his chair in the middle of a mission, is currently enjoying the success of his latest album "N'attendons", which has produced more than 200,000 copies.

To continue strengthening the bond he shares with his audience, the interpreter of "For real" took the time to share an hour-long live on Instagram with his fans, alternating between question-and-answer sessions and interpretations of songs from his repertoire. Confiding on his favorite pastry shop (Paris-Brest), his cats, his upset turn because of the pandemic or his musical favorites (Mathieu Deslongchamps or Boulevard des airs), the singer also reacted to the celebrity press articles announcing the end of his career.

They say anything! It's crazy, "Here"! It is not because I often wonder about my future that I will abandon you. Do not take as a whole what such filthy newspapers can sway , explained Vianney, annoyed by these methods: On the other hand, it is certain that there is a rhythm specific to this profession of singer which is very violent and very intense. I love it! But I know that one day I will calm down. Of course, but that won't take me away from you . The interpreter of "Step-dad" also returned quickly to the controversy surrounding The Vivi, turned by the production of "The Voice" following racist and homophobic tweets.

"It's very complicated to express yourself when everything is extreme"

First, Vianney praised his talents Angelo and Mentissa, featured in the comments during this live Instagram. I say hello to them. And all the others on my team! launched the artist, all smiles, before going back to his experience in the tele-hook: You have discovered the people with whom I have the chance to work in "The Voice", these young and old. It's a crazy experience for me, really. These people are incredible. They are crazy with me! (...) They are very innocent in their way of coming to sing, they come there for the love of this profession that they do not know, of music . Very proudof his team, Vianney however regretted the absence of The Vivi, who had caused a sensation by covering "Social Suicide" of Orelsan during his blind hearing a few weeks ago.

Criticized for his attitude during the performance of the candidate, the singer had reacted to the controversy but was not expressed on his viction. It is now done. Okay, I lost my The Vivi. It is true that I did not express myself too much on this subject because there are extreme reactions on this subject -he confided Vianney to his subscribers during his live, considering that it is very complicated to talk, to to express, to try to be nuanced when everything is extreme . For him, maybe everything is still too lively on this subject ,Either way, Vivi, like the others, has immense talent .


Moi Aimer Toi 30 March 2017
Dumbo 05 July 2017
Si On Chantait 25 August 2017
La Même 21 April 2018
Chanson Sur Ma Drôle De Vie 15 September 2018
Je M`en Vais (A. Rassevich Remix) 05 January 2019
N'attendons Pas 08 May 2020
N'attendons Pas 16 July 2020
Beau-Papa 22 August 2020
Merci Pour Ça 30 September 2020
Beau-Papa 23 October 2020
Pour De Vrai 30 October 2020
Pour De Vrai 24 February 2021
Dabali 25 May 2021
Les Imbéciles 07 July 2021
Parce Que C 15 October 2021
La Fille Du Sud 04 February 2022
Call On Me 07 October 2022
Keep It Simple 20 January 2023
Keep It Simple 07 March 2023
Comment On Fait 17 August 2023
Comment On Fait 18 August 2023
Le Départ 08 September 2023
Il Faudrait 29 September 2023
Maintenant 27 October 2023
Maintenant 28 October 2023
Shifting Paradigms 11 November 2023
Tu Me Guéris 11 November 2023
Too Late 11 November 2023
Je Suis Fou 11 November 2023
Ne Me Changez Pas 11 November 2023
La Vie M'suffit 11 November 2023
L'antidote 11 November 2023
Un Homme 11 November 2023
Debout 11 November 2023
Le Feu 11 November 2023
À Ta Santé 11 November 2023
Le Firmament 13 November 2023
Je Suis Fou 03 January 2024

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