The Weeknd: His 10 Best Songs To Celebrate His 10-year Career

The Weeknd is looking for a way to surprise us in 2021 . After keeping us hooked throughout the past year on his latest musical project, After Hours, the musician wants to celebrate his 10th career anniversary in style .


For this, he has already reissued the free mixtape that he published when the music industry still did not know what this boy from Scarborough ( Canada ) was going to be capable of, who at 21 was beginning to take over the world.

10 years later we already have 10 extraordinary songs with which to celebrate each and every one of his years of musical discography. Some are world hits. Others not so well known. But all of them bear his unmistakable seal of quality.

Blinding lights

The issue, one of the first singles we met from the musical project of Abel Tesfaye , After Hours , has managed a whopping 2700 million copies worldwide during the last 365 days. To get an idea, almost half of humanity on this planet has heard the song sometime this year.

The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Video)

I feel it coming

This renowned song was in charge of closing the album of the Canadian artist, Starboy , where he had collaborations of the height of Lana del Rey, Kendrick Lamar and Future , among others. A job that marked a before and after in his career, and with which everyone was delighted.

Can't feel my face

The Canadian singer talks about the feeling of being in love and how similar it is to the effect of drugs.

The hills

Mano and Illangelo produced this Canadian hit at a time when his fame was skyrocketing thanks to the popularity of 50 Shades of Gray.

Starboy (ft. Daft Punk)

If someone is looking for an example of what it means to create an atmosphere with rhythm and melody, stop looking. Difficult to find the theme but the musical technique is pure mastery.

Wicked games

The Weeknd - Wicked Games (Official Video - Explicit)

It was the first song The Weeknd released as a single and featured on their first free mixtapes. The proof of a total artist: composer, musician and producer in one.

High for this

One of the first songs from his mixtame House of balloons that he has now reissued. A perfect way to see how the Canadian started and how he has evolved.

In your eyes

After hours is an ode to synthesizers but in this hit The Weeknd gave the spotlight to a sax solo as bestial as his video clip.

Coming down

Part of his first House of Balloons mixtape, which later became part of the Trilogy compilation . It shows its darkest sound and a letter in which it speaks of a trip with drugs that does not end well.


If someone is looking for a perfect soundtrack to seduce and motivate themselves when it comes to sex, look no further.

The Weeknd

In The Night 04 March 2016
Might Not 05 March 2016
Prisoner (Tomsize Remix) 25 August 2016
Starboy 29 September 2016
False Alarm 14 October 2016
Drunk In Love (Everlake Remix) 23 October 2016
Starboy (Kygo Remix) 12 November 2016
Starboy 12 November 2016
Can't Feel My Face (Severo & Derra Remix) 26 November 2016
Starboy (Nathan Thomson & Ollie Iles Bootleg) 11 December 2016
I Feel It Coming 15 December 2016
The Weeknd - Party Monster (Vevo Presents) 21 December 2016
Reminder 21 December 2016
False Alarm 21 December 2016
Sidewalks 21 December 2016
Secrets/can't Feel My Face 21 December 2016
Intro/starboy 21 December 2016
The Hills 21 December 2016
S T A R B O Y (Neus Remix) 12 January 2017
Party Monster 13 January 2017
Reminder 17 February 2017
I Feel It Coming 11 March 2017
Some Way 04 April 2017
Lust For Life 20 April 2017
Lust For Life 23 May 2017
Secrets 13 June 2017
A Lie 15 July 2017
Unfazed 26 August 2017
Curve 14 September 2017
In The Night (Jasper Dietze & Aaron Richards Remix) 25 January 2018
Pray For Me 03 February 2018
Pray For Me (Beauz Remix) 23 February 2018
Pray For Me 02 March 2018
Pray For Me 09 March 2018
Come Thru 25 March 2018
Call Out My Name 13 April 2018
Wake Up (Crankdat Remix) 18 October 2018
Lost In The Fire 18 January 2019
Lost In The Fire (R3Hab Remix) 03 February 2019
Lost In The Fire 12 February 2019
Starboy (Kygo Remix) 10 March 2019
Price On My Head 23 March 2019
Price On My Head 23 March 2019
Price On My Head 27 March 2019
Price On My Head 29 March 2019
Power Is Power 06 May 2019
Heartless 27 November 2019
Heartless 27 November 2019
Blinding Lights 29 November 2019
Blinding Lights 06 December 2019
Starboy 20 January 2020

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