Vitaa, Camlia Jordana And Amel Bent: The Album!

With Vitaa, Camlia Jordana and Amel Bent , one surprise can hide another. Indeed, this week, the three artists and friends took all their fans by surprise by announcing the arrival of a cover of "Marine", Diam's emblemat

 An anti-racist song addressed to Marine Le Pen, rethinks for the occasion on more solar chords and which intervenes almost a year of the French presidential election of 2022. I really hope from the bottom of my heart that you will enjoy listening to this song, as much as 'We loved revisiting it confides Amel Bent on her Instagram account, proud of this project. Produced by RenaudRebillaud, behind the hits of Kendji Girac, Gims or Vitaa and Slimane, this indite version of "Marine" should revive the craze around this hymn that young people have appropriated its release in 2006 on the cult album "Dans ma bubble "from Diam's .

A common album made up of covers

If the public and the media welcomed this cover of "Marine" as an isolated single, it is not. Indeed, ready to highlight their unwavering bond and the strength of women in these troubled times, Vitaa, Camlia Jordana and Amel Bent have prepared a larger-scale project. Yes, the three artists have recorded a joint album in recent months which will be called "Sorore", meaning "sister", and will be released on June 4th. On their Instagram accounts, Camlia Jordana , Amel Bent and Vitaa have already revealed the tracklist, and they had the idea, in addition to covering this song from Diam's , to revisit their respective hits in three voices.

Thus, the event album "Camlia Jordana , Vitaa and Amel Bent , should consist of 10 tracks, including their cover "Marine" by Diam's , but also three interludes, and new versions of the tracks "O je va" and "Ne retien pas tes larmes" by Amel Bent, "My sister" and "Why men?" by Vitaa, and finally "No, no, no" and "Me is" by Camlia Jordana .


Vivre 07 July 2015
Ça Les Dérange 23 June 2016
Mégalo 08 August 2016
Prestige 19 August 2016
Bienvenue À Paris 10 October 2016
A Fleur De Toi (Live) 03 January 2017
Peine & Pitié 09 March 2017
Comme Dab 14 April 2017
Tu Me Laisseras 29 April 2017
Suis-Moi 21 August 2017
Artistic Director Stromae 21 August 2017
Chacun Sa Route 02 November 2017
Bella Ciao 04 June 2018
Je Te Le Donne 25 August 2018
Je Te Le Donne 30 October 2018
Oui Ça Va 10 November 2018
Oui Ça Va 14 November 2018
Oui Ça Va 19 January 2019
Tu Me Laisseras 21 January 2019
Tu Me Laisseras 21 January 2019
Tu Me Laisseras 26 February 2019
Désaccord 23 March 2019
Reste En Duo 04 May 2019
A Fleur De Toi 09 August 2019
Ca Va Ça Vient 16 August 2019
Avant Toi 09 December 2019
Ça Va Ça Vient 17 February 2020
Pas Beaux 03 April 2020
Medley Chanson De L'année 15 June 2020
Game Over 04 October 2013
Ça Ira 14 August 2020
Ça Ira 23 September 2020
Je Te Tiens 02 October 2020
J'avance 02 October 2020
De L'or 02 October 2020
La Scène 02 October 2020
Ça Fait Mal 02 October 2020
On Se Reverra 02 October 2020
Tu Me Laisses 02 October 2020
Insupportables 02 October 2020
Cœur De Pierre 02 October 2020
De L'or 26 February 2021
Pourquoi Les Hommes 16 June 2021
Où Je Vais 16 June 2021
Moi C'est 16 June 2021
Ne Retiens Pas Tes Larmes 16 June 2021
Non Non Non 16 June 2021
De L'or 01 July 2021
Xy 21 September 2021
Prends Ma Main 08 October 2021
Prends Ma Main 19 November 2021

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