Julia Savicheva Published Rare Photos Of Her Daughter And Spoke About The Family Tradition

Julia Savicheva published rare photos of her daughter and spoke about the family tradition

The singer first showed how little Anya looked in the first years of her life

34-year-old Yulia Savicheva has been happily married to composer Alexander Arshinov for six years. The couple are raising their three-year-old daughter Anna. On Instagram, the singer occasionally publishes pictures with her husband and baby. Previously, she did not show her daughter's face at all, but at the end of last year she made an exception.


According to Yulia, she has been preparing for the birth of her first child for a long time, therefore she values ​​her family very much and does not seek to share personal details with the public. In rare interviews, the ex-member of Star Factory 2 still talks about how Anya grows up and why she lives in Portugal with Arshinov's parents.


This time Savicheva posted a series of archival photographs taken in the first years of her daughter's life. In the first photo, Anya is captured sitting on the lawn by a small palm tree. According to the singer, she planted the southern plant even before the baby was born, and now it grows with the baby.

For another shot, the girl probably posed last summer. Anya tried on a green T-shirt and pink shorts, and was holding a big ball in her hands. In the background was a palm tree, the branches of which had grown noticeably.


In the caption to the series of photos, Savicheva spoke about the annual family tradition and noted that another child could stand next to Anya by the palm tree in the future.

Yuliya Savicheva

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