DMX Avoids Dispute With Eminem Talked About After The Death Of Past Footage

DMX is drawing attention after the death of past footage that avoids dispute with Eminem. ...


DMX is drawing attention after the death of past footage that avoids dispute with Eminem.

DMX was taken to the hospital for a heart attack caused by Overdose and died on April 9, local time. He was being treated in the intensive care unit.

In a mourning voice, fans posted a video on social media in a 2013 interview asking if DMX thinks Eminem is "Rap God." Eminem released a song called "Rap God" in the same year.

DMX responds that it does not want to be involved in the conflict: "I don't know what Eminem is. I know he's a talented artist. We're breaking a good relationship. But it's like getting involved in a silly controversy. Don't ask. I'll ask, because I don't want to do that. "

One fan tweeted, "Stop trying to get people to Eminem. That's a waste."


The bereaved family stated in a statement: "It's very sad, but the DMX, whose beloved real name is Earl Simmons, announced that he died in the last few days at White Plains Hospital, wearing a life support system and surrounded by his family at the age of 50. Masu "

"Earl Simmons was fighting to the end. He loved his family from the bottom of his heart and thank him for the time he spent. His music inspired fans all over the world and his legend It will be forever. Thank you for the love and support you receive during this difficult time. "

"I've lost my brother, father, uncle, and someone the world knows as DMX, so I hope you'll take privacy into account. I'll announce more about the funeral once it's decided."

Over the last few years, DMX has been working on a return following 2012's Undisputed.

Interviews have revealed that the album includes Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Usher, the crew of Griselda, and the now-deceased Pop Smoke.

In February of this year, DMX also revealed that there was a song called "Skyscrapers" in collaboration with U2's Bono.



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