Valery Meladze Spends Time In A Children's Store

Valery Meladze spends time in a children's store. The performer enjoys shopping for her newborn daughter.


Recently, Valery Meladze became a father for the sixth time - on April 12, the artist's wife Albina Dzhanabaeva gave birth to his daughter. Despite the fact that the star couple hid the pregnancy for a long time and kept the details of their personal life secret, after the happy event Meladze and Dzhanabaeva could not contain their emotions:


Now pleasant days have come for the singer, which, judging by his Instagram, he spends exclusively in a children's store. Today, on his Instagram page, Meladze shared a couple of pictures in which he enthusiastically chooses new things for the baby. Valery signed the post: "Now this is my favorite store!" Recall that the singer already has three adult daughters from a previous marriage, and he and Albina are raising two sons - the 17-year-old son of Konstantin and the six-year-old Luka.

Valery Meladze

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