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 Billie Eilish, tens of millions of fans around the world, seven Grammy Awards ... These figures are those of Billie Eilish who, in the space of a few years, s is transformed into a real undisputed world star. Carried by the huge hit "Bad Guy",

  Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the singer to cancel her tour after only three concerts. The opportunity for Billie Eilish to refine her second album, which she recently confided to have finished:I don't think I would have made the same album, or even made an album at all, if it hadn't been for the Covid. This doesn't mean my record is about Covid, it's just that when things are different in your life, you are more different. So I have to thank the Covid for this .

A summer return event

Moreover, Billie Eilish seems ready to begin this new era. In the aftermath of the Grammy Awards, the interpreter of "No Time To Die" panicked the web by sporting a new hair color: she became blonde. A hair change which is the sign of a new album for the singer. While she has just unveiled a mysterious 15-second teaser on her social networks, Billie Eilish will release her second album "Happier Than Ever" on July 30. It was first of all via an American billboard that Internet users were able to learn about the album and its release date, before the singer herself confirmed the information on her social networks.It's the favorite thing I've ever created and I'm so excited, nervous and passionate (...) I've never felt so much love for a project than for this one. I hope that you will feel the same thing as me she writes while revealing the cover of the album which contrasts with the title since one sees it a tear the eye.

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In the crowd, the tracklist for the album "Happier Than Ever" was unveiled. Billie Eilish's disc will contain 16 tracks including the already released singles "My Future" and "Therefore I Am" and others that promise personal themes ("Getting Older", "I Didn't Change My Nmber"). A new track, probably "Happier Than Ever", will be released this Thursday. Without a doubt, the summer of 2021 will be that of Billie Eilish!

Tracklist de l'album "Happier Than Ever"

01. Getting Older
02. I Didn't Change My Number
03. Billie Bossa Nova
04. my future
05. Oxytocin
07. Lost Cause
08. Halley's Comet
09. Not My Responsibility
10. OverHeated
11. Everybody Dies
12. Your Power
13. NDA
14. Therefore I Am
15. Happier Than Ever
16. Male Fantasy

Billie Eilish

Six Feet Under (Hazey Eyes Remix) 14 September 2016
Six Feet Under (Ninski & Mickey Valen Remix) 22 October 2016
Bellyache 12 March 2017
Bitches Broken Hearts 17 November 2017
Burn 16 December 2017
Watch (Xie Remix) 20 December 2017
Idontwannabeyouanymore 05 January 2018
Copycat 13 January 2018
Myboi (Troyboi Remix) 10 March 2018
Bitches Broken Hearts 31 March 2018
Lovely 20 April 2018
Lovely 25 April 2018
Lovely 27 April 2018
You Should See Me In A Crown 19 July 2018
Hotline Bling (Flyboy Remix) 31 July 2018
You Should See Me In A Crown 11 August 2018
Idontwannabeyouanymore (Elijah Hill Remix) 16 September 2018
Hostage 09 October 2018
When The Party's Over 18 October 2018
When The Party's Over 26 October 2018
When The Party's Over 07 November 2018
Bellyache 16 November 2018
When The Party's Over 16 November 2018
You Should See Me In A Crown 16 November 2018
Come Out And Play 21 November 2018
Lovely (Hopex Remix) 21 December 2018
Lovely (Ricky Remedy Remix) 10 January 2019
When I Was Older 10 January 2019
When The Party's Over (Thatbehavior Remix) 13 January 2019
When The Party's Over (Felix Cartal Remix) 30 January 2019
Bury A Friend 31 January 2019
Bury A Friend (Elijah Hill Remix) 04 February 2019
Bury A Friend 07 February 2019
Wish You Were Gay 05 March 2019
Idontwannabeyouanymore (Kaivon Remix) 13 March 2019
Bury A Friend (Zeds Dead Remix) 15 March 2019
I Love You 30 March 2019
Bad Guy 30 March 2019
Bad Guy 02 April 2019
Bad Guy (Patrickreza Remix) 16 April 2019
You Should See Me In A Crown 18 April 2019
Wish You Were Gay (Live) 30 April 2019
Bad Guy (Tiësto Remix) 01 May 2019
A Snippet Into Billie's Mind 29 May 2019
Bad Guy 05 June 2019
Bad Guy (Dabro Remix) 23 June 2019
Bad Guy 12 July 2019
Bad Guy 12 July 2019
Bad Guy 16 August 2019
All The Good Girls Go To Hell 05 September 2019
Bad Guy (Dachaio Remix) 13 September 2019

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