Booba Finally Does Not Stop The Music

He goes back on his decision. For several months, Booba has set the tone: his tenth album "Ultra" will be the last of his career. After 20 years of success in the rap game, the Duke of Boulogne announced the end of his career, wishing to retire

 Not that I don't mind but I think I'll hang up the jersey soon and spend more time, maybe on other artists. Spend more time in other areas. maybe after this album or the next one, I think. I'm not thinking of doing three, for example he confided in 2019 for Brut before specifying his words for the same media a few months ago:When you are a certain age, for me there is no point in continuing if you are no longer in the race. Me, I am a competitor so if I am no longer on the podium, I stop, I am ashamed in fact . Over 75,000 copies, the album "Ultra" contains a nice hit thanks to "Mona Lisa" in duet with JSX.

If, as a symbol, the last track of the album is called "LAST TIME", the rapper has just confirmed a good news to his fans: he is finally not finished with the music. On his Instagram account La Piraterie Officiel, Booba posted a video of him at the wheel of his car, listening to his track "Friday", all with a more than significant message: The High Committee of Piracy has officially come from ' forbid the DUC to retire. aat vot this morning! .

A denial of retirement

Thus, the interpreter of "Grain de sable" could therefore release other projects in the future, but not in the form of an album. The album format, putting pressure on yourself, returning so many songs on a given date, etc. I think I've done my time he indicated on France 5. Booba nevertheless confirmed for Brut that he was working on the development of a series: It's well advanced. Four Seasons. [As a] producer, actor. Not a first role but ... I'm not going to do Shakespeare or a play. I have to do something that interests me, that suits me ... As a producer, I make my role to measure where I feel comfortable. I have my role in it but it's not a first role. In addition, a few days ago, the Duke announced that he was returning to the studio. B2O is therefore teeming with projects!


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