Coldplay Back: A Single On May 7?

 Let it be said: the return of Coldplay is imminent! Less than two years after "Everyday Life", certified platinum in France, the group is about to sign their big comeback. And fans are watching: for several days, mysterious posters adorned

 A promotional campaign which, as the Coldplay France community indicates, recalls the one used to advertise the album "A Head Full of Dreams". Moreover, fans were able to decipher the encrypted code of certain posters which reveal the following words: Coldplay, Higher Power, May Seven. It did not take more to understand that Coldplay could release his new single, entitled "Higher Power",

In addition, a website called has been opened and offers Internet users the opportunity to decipher a mysterious signal; while English host Greg James hushed up the band's return on their morning radio mission. Many clues disseminated here and there that Coldplay has just confirmed on its social networks. Editing their profile photo of the effigy of this mysterious poster full of symbols, the group also shared the link from the site The return of the band is therefore only a matter of days!

A return scheduled for May 7?

Such a marketing campaign is not a first for Coldplay. As a reminder, a few days before the announcement of the release of the album "Everyday Life", posters appeared in the subway of So Paulo, then Paris or London, showing the group on a deliberately aged photograph dated 1919. Moreover, just after the release of the disc, Mark Mitchell, the co-president of Parlophone, announced that another album would be released in the crowd: There is nothing fixed for the moment but we can say that there is a desire to make another record for quick enchantment. They've been working on other songs for the rest of the summer, so there's a lot of ideas left out for this album, which they hope to forward as quickly as possible .

A few months ago, a source already told The Sun , that the authors of "Orphans" were working on a new album potentially entitled "Music Of The Spheres": Chris and the others have been leaving clues for some time but now it is time that took shape. During the lockdown, they worked on new songs, which will culminate in a record, the working title of which is "Music Of The Spheres" (...) Chris and the band have officially registered the name as a brand, leave for a album . A good news by bringing another, this new project would be accompanied by a tour. An event when Coldplay had announced to want to stop the tours for ecological reasons. VS'added the source. A long-awaited return which should logically be crowned with success.


Hymn For The Weekend (Remix) 19 May 2016
A Head Full Of Dreams 22 August 2016
Up&up (Freedo Remix) 17 September 2016
Everglow 10 December 2016
Fix Your Sad Machine 03 January 2017
Something Just Like This 23 February 2017
Hypnotised 03 March 2017
Something Just Like This (Boxinlion & Vyel Remix) 27 March 2017
Something Just Like This (Tritonal Remix) 29 April 2017
Something Just Like This (R3Hab Remix) 29 April 2017
Something Just Like This (Alesso Remix) 12 May 2017
All I Can Think About Is You 16 June 2017
Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix) 24 June 2017
A L I E N S 07 July 2017
Miracles (Someone Special) 16 July 2017
Don't Panic 26 December 2017
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix) 02 November 2018
Fix You (Live) 02 November 2018
A Head Full Of Dreams (Live In São Paulo) 30 November 2018
A Sky Full Of Stars 05 August 2019
Adventure Of A Lifetime (Jlv Remix) 13 August 2019
Orphans 25 October 2019
Arabesque 25 October 2019
Orphans 25 October 2019
Everyday Life 03 November 2019
Orphans (Muzi Remix) 15 November 2019
Champion Of The World 20 November 2019
Daddy 20 November 2019
Daddy 22 November 2019
Broken 22 November 2019
Cry Cry Cry 22 November 2019
Èkó 22 November 2019
Old Friends 22 November 2019
Sunrise 22 November 2019
Trouble In Town 22 November 2019
When I Need A Friend 22 November 2019
Church 22 November 2019
Everyday Life 09 December 2019
Adventure Of A Lifetime (Rafo Remix) 19 December 2019
Cry Cry Cry 15 February 2020
Champion Of The World 26 February 2020
Trouble In Town 13 March 2020
Orphans (Jack Wins Remix) 01 April 2020
A Sky Full Of Stars 16 April 2020
A Sky Full Of Stars 19 June 2014
Viva La Vida 04 August 2008
The Scientist 28 May 2011
Adventure Of A Lifetime 02 May 2020
Paradise 19 October 2011
Hymn For The Weekend 02 May 2020
Princess Of China 03 June 2012

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