Proof That Miki Núñez Has His Feet On The Ground: A Psychologist Helps Him In Case He "gets The Hell Out Of It"

The singer has talked about how much it helps him manage some elements of his life

We met Miki Núñez more than two years ago, as part of the casting of Operación Triunfo 2018. The young man won over the public thanks to his sympathy, his naturalness and that good boy profile that all mothers dream of having as a son-in-law.

Once he left the academy, Miki had to face one of the most important festivals in music: Eurovision . The Catalan was in charge of representing Spain with the song La Venda . A song that we all sing until we are hoarse.

Then came his first album, Amuza , where he showed that he had the wood to convey good vibes with his music; and last 2020 he released Iceberg , where he explored a more mature sound.

This 2021, when it is three years since its edition of Operación Triunfo, it is inevitable to wonder if its popularity has deflated like that of so many colleagues who have gone through the format. “Luckily or unfortunately - I think luckily - people keep stopping me on the street, they keep telling me that they like my music, they keep listening to it, I keep doing interviews. The problem is that sudden increases can also drop suddenly ”, answered the young man in an interview for 20 Minutes.


Help from a psychologist

Miki also wanted to praise the work of his psychologist, who has been helping him for a long time: “I have a wonderful psychologist who is already preparing me in case at some point I have to get the hell of the century . And that helps me with anxiety issues and things that escape me ”.

In addition, Miki has assured that the fact of being surrounded by the same people as always has helped him to carry his fame better: “That and going with the people of all his life. My band is still my colleagues from when we were 12 years old and we used to play in the town's main festivals. "

Some very wise words that once again show that this boy is totally down to earth.

Miki Núñez

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