Rema Starts A Big Controversy With A Diamond Chain

Nigerian artists are renowned for their extravagance in spending millions just on expensive gold or diamond jewelry (watches, chains


Nigerian artists are renowned for their extravagance in spending millions just on expensive gold or diamond jewelry (watches, chain bracelets…). Young Nigerian Afrobeat, pop and trap singer Divine Ikubor, better known as "Rema," spent a whopping N15 million to acquire a VVS diamond chain, causing a stir. many Internet users.

Divine Ikubor aka “Rema,” who was recently praised by manager Sean Okeke for his accomplishments at a young age, seems to be pulling a few coins from his huge payoff to flex. The 20-year-old Mavin Records signer took to Instagram to display his newly acquired virtually flawless diamond chain that undoubtedly suits him. Sharing the video, he captioned it "15 million naira Yikes!" ".

A shopping that has not gone unnoticed on social networks. Several Internet users reacted in the comment section and many are those who did not appreciate the gesture of the young artist. “My boy… very respectful and very, very talented. More money I pray for you dear, ”wrote Sandra Ikeji Samuel. “What a waste as a child, when hunger is in his country. These 15 million naira can build a good hospital in a village in Nigeria… ”, says Treasure E Osaghae. "Very unproductive generation, thinking of a chain of 15 million instead of building its future", added Akindele Gbenga Tody.

An Internet user did not wear a glove to attack Rema. “That's why black people are broke. They like to show themselves consistently with material things that add no value. While other races build innovations and create generational wealth, blacks are very vain and empty. And it's a global problem with black people. The people who make these chains don't wear them. Dollar billionaires don't wear expensive chains. Bill Gates wears a $ 10 watch, ”he said.

“The black inferiority complex is heartbreaking. No wonder Akon said, "I used to wear chains and blings worth millions of dollars until I realized later that they just sit on your body doing nothing." And that's why I stopped buying them… Now just watch how some poverty-conscious Nigerians will say, “Is this your money,” he added.


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